Aloha, Hawaii! How to relax on distant islands

  1. More options - less price.
  2. Time is money
  3. Hostel or apartment
  4. Sit on the spot
  5. Explore public transport
  6. Food without difficulty
  7. Look for free entertainment
  8. Walk on foot
  9. Look for discount tours or coupons

The ideal climate all year round, alluring beaches, amazing landscapes - this is Hawaii. Many would like at least one glimpse of these paradise islands, but prices bite. However, real travelers always have a couple of trump cards in their pockets, that is, secrets for saving the budget even in such pathos places.

However, real travelers always have a couple of trump cards in their pockets, that is, secrets for saving the budget even in such pathos places

More options - less price.

Read periodic tourism news. Sometimes they bring good news. For example, that from 2018, the American Southwest low-cost airline starts flights to the Hawaiian Islands. What does it mean? That prices will go down - firstly, because the low-cost airline, and secondly, because competition will grow. Statistics state that the appearance of a low-cost airline on the route immediately reduces prices by 15 percent. So it is already easier. In addition, it is not necessary to watch flights exclusively to the state capital Honolulu (there are no direct flights from Russia, in any case, fly through some large US airport). There are international airports Hilo and Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. Check how much airfare costs there .

Time is money

A standard trick to reduce the trip budget is to choose a low season. For the Hawaiian Islands this is the last two weeks of January, February, May, September and October. You should not worry about the weather in this case - it is always good there. In addition, in February you will almost certainly see humpback whales, and September is the time " Aloha Festival - a celebration of local culture with songs, dances and flower parades.

Hostel or apartment

Of course, hostels in Hawaii can not be called cheap - $ 35-40 per bed in the common room. But still it is the budget option here. But this price includes breakfast, wi-fi, sometimes even a transfer to the beach and to the airport, as well as discounts for some events ordered through the hostel. It is good if you are traveling by company: then you can take off the entire dorm for four, for example. And even better - apartments with kitchen.

Sit on the spot

I mean, stay on one island. Of course, it is interesting to look at everything - the Hawaiian islands are very diverse, and each of them is interesting in its own way. But since we save. Based on this, it is better to stay on Oahu or on the Big Island, because it is there that the airports are located where you will fly. In addition, these are the largest and most popular islands, which means that there is more choice of accommodation, food and entertainment, as well as opportunities not to spend all the money.

Explore public transport

There are various public transport networks on the islands, which will help to significantly save on travel. Let's say on oahu it's The bus offering different routes and a daily pass for as little as five dollars when one trip costs 2.50. So, having spent the evening on the relevant sites, you will understand how to save your budget from large expenses, and at the same time you will find out where everything is.

Food without difficulty

Bypass expensive restaurants in tourist places (this should be done not only in Hawaii). Let's try to find out from the local, in what places they eat, and go there. Or to the farmers' market, where you can buy the freshest products cheap (if you live in an apartment, you can cook on your own). Also, follow the “Eatthestreet” project on their the site or subscribe to them in social networks. Foodtracks with delicious food on a certain schedule come to the squares of different cities and arrange a celebration of belly and street food for everyone.

Look for free entertainment

Look for free entertainment

First of all, these are local beaches - actually, why go to Hawaii, if you do not swim and sunbathe. Do not miss the most interesting:

- the black beach of Punaluu on the Big Island of Hawaii. The sand here is actually a volcanic lava, which has been polished for years by sea water, and then pleasant. Just be careful: black sand heats up faster and stronger than light, it can reach burns. Unfortunately, this beach is only for sunbathing, swimming in this place is uncomfortable due to the sharp rocks and cold springs. But you can see how sea turtles crawl out to bask in the sun.

- Red beach Kaihalulu on the island of Maui - the refuge of nudists and adventurers. Maybe you do not belong to them, but is it not interesting to look at the contrast of dark red sand with the bright green of trees and the blue of the ocean?

- Another black beach - Punalu. The same color, the same turtles, also should not be bathed, because the water here is pretty cool.

- green beach Papacolea - imagine, and it happens! The sand contains crystals of chrysolite, which give it a green or olive color. Please note that sand is strictly prohibited to take out, by the way, as well as from other colored beaches of Hawaii.

- Mahaiula Beach, three kilometers north of Kona Airport, covered with white sand.

- Kivakapu beach - calm, peaceful, without noisy discos and bars, but with crystal clear water, for which divers love it.

In addition, on Waikiki Beach on Oahu, for example, there is the Royal Hawaiian Center with free programs for everyone to learn local dance, play the ukulele or Hawaiian massage and other interesting things.

Walk on foot

And what, after all, hiking is also good fun. You go yourself, walk, breathe the air. It is good for the body, for oneself - time to reflect on something or, on the contrary, to distract from any third-party thoughts. In Hawaii, many trails for walking, and you only have to pay for the entrance to the national park, if the trails are located there: $ 10 per person or $ 20 from a car, if you are suddenly on wheels. The best places for hiking are: Kalalau Trail on Kauai, Diamond Head on Oahu, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island and Haleakala National Park on Maui.

Look for discount tours or coupons

There are companies in Hawaii that offer discounts or coupons for various events, tours or entrance tickets. For example, here such . Discount coupons can be found in local newspapers or This Week magazine, which should be at the airport.

What does it mean?
Maybe you do not belong to them, but is it not interesting to look at the contrast of dark red sand with the bright green of trees and the blue of the ocean?